letterpress on orange cardstock
5 x 4 inches
dedicated to everyone who extends a helping to appear sincere. to those who give fake comfort only to themselves, we see through you.

El Tamal
etching and aquatint
8 x 11 inches
My abuelita Lupe Serna’s hands, making tamales for christmas back in 2010. a lineage in maiz.

Abuela’s Kitchen
6 x 10 inches
other collections from lupe’s dinner table (angel jesus perez calls this my fried chicken print)

Kitchen Space
Etching and aquatint
8 x 11 inches

missing this table on the corn
er of Downing St. in Five Points, Denver. My abuela’s house, where food never seemed to run out for me. the little things she would leave out for me. 

Concha in the 80’s
8 x 8 inches

My bisabuela concha posing for a picture.