Within Intimacy
“i crave a normalcy within love that i have not touched - to be loved and  held and respected for lived experiences. i believe in the accumulation of wishing and wanting throughout generations. my body was never really my own.” 


A letter for the signs
collage and monotype, drawing

A brief letter for all the signs and the significant moments I was able to experience with them. 

.     .    

Orange Book
4 x 5 inches

a collection of poetry on orange bristol paper, typewritten.

.    .    


A space to heal
handmade box with monotype and artist’s items
a box holding family secrets and stories and bits and pieces of what I can remember. filled with letters from dad, copal, pottery from mexico, the bust book, nina simone cd, saturday night fever cassette

agua leche pink
monotype accoridon book

on the first shower i took after getting out of an abusive relationship